23 Best Heidi Klum Halloween Costumes So Far

Heidi Klum Halloween costumes are the best celebrity Halloween costumes, hands down. This is just a fact. The supermodel is the queen of Halloween, offering up intricate, memorable costumes year after year. And every Heidi Klum Halloween outfit usually comes with a legendary Heidi Klum Halloween party (2020 and 2021 are the exceptions, because of the COVID-19 pandemic). 

But Halloween bash or not, the Heidi Klum Halloween costumes over the years are showstopping. Remember when she was Lady Godiva in 2001? Or Jessica Rabbit in 2015? Or the scariest alien you’ve ever seen in 2019? I still have nightmares about that. 

So what did Heidi Klum do for Halloween this year?

She made another short film, this one all about body horror. It’s titled Heidi Does Halloween II: Klum’s Day. In last year’s short, her possessed children killed her, so this year she’s back from the dead. 

As Heidi Klum rises from the grave to cook and take care of her children, we see her body falling apart. She continues to decompose, skin falling into potatoes and a finger in her salad, until her gaunt figure finally eats one of her child’s arms. 

And this footage? Also horrifying. That being said, it’s getting me thinking about some Halloween makeup looks. (You too? If you want more, click here for the best Halloween makeup ideas.) 

But back to Heidi Klum’s past Halloween looks. Below, peruse 23 of her costumes that will stand the test of time. 

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