Bigg Boss Episode 71 Highlights

The episode started with Nagarjuna’s entry with ‘Laddunda’ song. Nag said that this Sunday is not only a Funday but will also be a punishment day. He announced that Gangavva’s house construction is completed and showed the house warming to the housemates. Nag divided the housemates into two teams and Maanas is the sanchalak. Sunny, Shannu, Anne, and Priyanka are in one team and the rest in another.

The housemates start dancing and Sreeram comes last in the first round. Nag punished him by making him sit with a finger on his lips. Priyanka gets out and stands up on a bench. Ravi gets out and makes a wall chair. Shannu came out and knelt. Siri gets out and stands one leg. Anne gets out and lifts her hands up. Kajal gets out and takes 10 rounds in the garden area. Sunny wins the task. The housemates have to guess the celebrities with their childhood pics.

Shannu guesses Allu Arjun’s pic and they dance to ‘Pakkane Bike Undi’. Sreeram and Sunny failed to guess Kajal Agarwal. Anne and Siri failed to Keerthi Suresh. Priyanka guesses Mahesh Babu and they danced to ‘Choododdantunna’ song. Shannu guessed Surya and they danced to ‘Anjana’ song. Maanas guessed Pawan Kalyan and danced to ‘Pilla’ song. Ravi guessed Venkatesh and they danced to ‘Tikku Tikkantu’ song. Ravi gets into the safe zone.

Nag gives them medal task and every housemate has to give medals to other housemates. Sunny gave fake medal to Ravi. Maanas gave headache medal to Priyanka. Sreeram gave cunning medal to Kajal. Ravi gave arrogant medal to Anne. Priyanka gave selfish medal to Shannu. Anne gave selfish medal to Sunny. Kajal gave double-faced medal to Siri. Siri gave negative medal to Shannu and Shannu also gave double-faced medal to Siri.

Both Kajal and Maanas also get into the safe zone revealing that Jessie will go out of the Bigg Boss house this week. Jessie individually talked to all the housemates on phone. Jessie said some of the staff in the hospital recognized him and he felt really happy.

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