Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 Episode 34 Highlights

Sunny says that friends should support each other. Anne cries and says that there is no friendship. Ravi intentionally leaves his tank and walks away. Priya finally becomes the captain. Sunny and Maanas are seen crying saying that the friends they thought didn’t support them and now they are unable to show their support.

Ravi’s team thinks that the opponents’ team might target Hamida so to counter it they should also pick a person commonly for the worst performer. The next day started with the housemates dancing to the ‘Inkem Inkem Kavale’ song. Ravi says that Kajal is playing the victim card not to become the worst performer.

Every housemate should neck lock the contestant they think is the worst performer and throw water on their face. Swetha picked Kajal. Jessie picked Sreeram and the former screams that he doesn’t want to do cooking. Shannu picked Viswa and the duo got into an argument. Hamida picks Kajal. Siri picked Viswa.

Sreeram picked Kajal. Kajal picked Sreeram. Anne also picked Kajal. Priyanka picked Viswa. Lobo picked Kajal. Ravi picked Kajal. Maanas picked Sreeram. Sunny picked Sreeram. Priya nominated Viswa. Bigg Boss asked Priya to put Kajal who became the worst performer in jail. Kajal cries in the jail. Jessie and Maanas support her.

Bigg Boss gives Century Mattresses tasks. The housemates have to divide into two teams and should do plank on the mattress. The team which did a plank for the longest wins. Ravi, Lobo, Siri, Sreeram, Hamida, Viswa, and Anne get into one team and the rest in another team. Ravi and the team won the task.

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