Biltong pasta potjie – A South African twist to an Italian staple

Indulge in an authentic South African taste with this biltong pasta potjie. Loaded with all the goodness South Africa has to offer, this recipe is sure to hit the spot. Combining biltong with pasta adds so much flavour and taste to this Italian staple.

Nothing transforms an otherwise ordinary dish into a Mzansi taste sensation than biltong. Just make sure that the biltong is not dry. The inner part of the biltong must still be red and soft.

This biltong pasta potjie includes tomato paste. However, if you love to add some pepper to this mouth-watering dish, substitute the tomato paste with pepper sauce. Alternatively, if you want some extra punch, add some chillies.

Pasta has never been so good as with this biltong pasta potjie. It’s absolutely delicious with a fusion of strong flavours! If you have tried this recipe and would love to share your experience, let us know in the comments section of this recipe. You can even send a photo of your prepared dish to us.

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