De Klerk Apologizes for Apartheid in Posthumous Video

This is my last message addressed to the people of South Africa. The first issue I want to focus on is apartheid and apartheid and me. I’m still often accused by critics that I, in some way or another, continue to justify apartheid, or separate development, as we later prefer to call it. It is true that in my younger years, I defended separate development. Afterwards, on many occasions, I apologized for the pain and the indignity that apartheid has brought to persons — to persons of color in South Africa. Many believe me, but others didn’t. Therefore, let me today, in this last message, repeat: I, without qualification, apologize for the pain and the hurt, and the indignity, and the damage that apartheid has done to Black, brown and Indians in South Africa. I do so, not only in my capacity as the former leader of the National Party, but also as an individual.

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