Donald Trump Piers Morgan interview: Former president explodes, calls journalist ‘disloyal fool’

Former US President Donald Trump has erupted with rage at Piers Morgan, slamming the British journalist as a “disloyal fool”.

Donald Trump stormed out of a world unique interview with Piers Morgan in a blazing row over the “stolen” US presidential election.

The ex-President reached boiling level after Piers blamed Trump’s refusal to confess defeat within the 2020 vote for final 12 months’s lethal riots on the Capitol.

Trump screamed that his interviewer was “dishonest”, “a fool” and barked on the shocked TV crew: “Turn the cameras off!”

He additionally dubbed Senate minority chief Mitch McConnell “stupid”, and his former vice-president Mike Pence “foolish and weak”.

The 75-minute interview can be screened on the launch present of Piers Uncensored on TalkTV on Monday at 8pm (UK time).

Trump and Piers have been buddies for 15 years – however he was enraged by a collection of important feedback the TV star has made about his conduct in workplace.

They clashed earlier than the interview started, and once more on digicam.

Piers recounted right now how the President stared at him with “undisguised fury” and was “almost foaming at the mouth”.

At one stage, the President snarled at him: “What the f**k is this?”

Trump mentioned to Piers: “You’re not real. You’re a fake.” To which Piers replied: “No, I’m just brutally honest.”

Piers Morgan recounts Trump’s raging fury

“Piers we have a problem.”

I used to be standing contained in the gilded gold-plated confines of President Donald Trump’s unique Mar-a-Lago non-public member’s resort in Palm Seashore, Florida, and one in all my manufacturing staff was brandishing a doc with a involved look on his face.

“What’s that?” I requested, bemused.

“This is a collection of quotes you’ve apparently said about President Trump in the past two years. Someone sent it to him in the last hour, and the quotes are not good. In fact, they’re really bad.”

I used to be as a consequence of begin an interview with Trump in exactly eight minutes, and it was meant to be a blockbuster unique to rocket-launch my new world TV present, Piers Morgan Uncensored, on Monday, April 25.

My 4-camera crew have been all arrange in a palatial bar, I used to be suited, booted, made-up and had been exchanging cordial small discuss with secret service brokers designated to make sure we behaved ourselves.

However as I hurriedly scanned the 3-page white paper doc, my coronary heart sank.

There have been a number of dozen feedback from me, taken from columns I’d written and interviews I’d given, through which I used to be savagely important of Trump’s conduct within the final 12 months of his presidency, from his woeful dealing with of the coronavirus pandemic to his refusal to just accept defeat within the 2020 election, and the appalling January 6 riot on the Capitol which adopted.

Whoever despatched it knew precisely what they have been doing.

These have been by far the worst issues I’d ever mentioned a couple of man with whom I’d been buddies for 15 years, however I felt they have been justified after I mentioned them, and I nonetheless do now.

Within the abruptly very chilly mild of a sun-kissed Florida afternoon nonetheless, they made distinctly unhelpful studying.

“Is he going to cancel the interview?” I requested, making an attempt to not panic.

“I don’t know,” got here the reply. “But he is VERY upset.”

“See if I can go and talk to him about it,” I prompt.

‘Trump is very upset’

Twenty minutes later, I used to be sitting in Trump’s workplace.

Usually, he’d greet me with a cheery smile and the phrases “How’s my champ?” as a result of I used to be his first Celeb Apprentice on the collection that made him a TV celebrity.

However this time, there have been no such welcoming niceties.

He was gazing me throughout his desk with undisguised fury, clutching the doc entitled “Piers Morgan Comments About President Trump.”

“What the f**k IS this?” he snarled.

Then he started slowly studying out a few of the quotes.

“Trump’s a supreme narcissist….”


“His pathetic antics in the past few weeks since losing the election in November have been utterly contemptible.”


“Trump’s now too dangerous, he’s morphed into a monster that I no longer recognise as someone I considered to be a friend and thought I knew.”


“He’s now acting like a mafia mob boss.”


“And all because Donald’s stupendous ego couldn’t accept losing and sent him nuts.”

Every time he paused, he peered over the doc at me, with mounting rage in his eyes.

After I gained Trump’s Celeb Apprentice present in 2008, his last phrases to me as he introduced the outcome have been: “Piers, you’re a vicious guy. I’ve seen it. You’re tough. You’re smart. You’re probably brilliant. I’m not sure. You’re certainly not diplomatic. But you did an amazing job. And you beat the hell out of everybody…. you’re the Celebrity Apprentice.”

When he gained the 2016 election, I returned the favour by sending him a card saying: “Well, Donald, you’re a vicious guy. I’ve seen it. You’re tough. You’re smart. You’re probably brilliant. I’m not sure. You’re certainly not diplomatic. But you did an amazing job. And you beat the hell out of everybody … you’re the President of the United States.”

So, we had an inexpensive understanding of one another’s personalities, good and unhealthy.

And it wasn’t like we’d by no means had a spat.

He unfollowed me on Twitter (he solely adopted round 50 accounts on the time, so this didn’t go unnoticed!) in April 2020 after he’d proposed utilizing family disinfectant to struggle Covid, and I’d hammered him in a column for spreading ‘bats**t crazy coronavirus cure theories.’

However a number of months later, he known as me for a prolonged chat earlier than the election and chuckled about how “mean and nasty” I’d been about him, so I mistakenly assumed he didn’t actually thoughts me verbally whacking him once in a while.


I’d by no means seen him so furious or felt so uncomfortable in his presence as I did proper now in his workplace.

He was virtually foaming on the mouth and saved shaking his head slowly and menacingly at me, like Don Corleone when he felt he’d been disrespected.

Mounting rage

There was no level in making an attempt to disclaim the quotes.

I’d mentioned them, and I’d meant them.

“I’ve always been critical of you when I’ve felt you deserved it,” I ultimately mentioned, “but as you know, I’ve also written and said many supportive things about you too. This is a one-sided hatchet job designed to stop you doing our interview.”

“It’s definitely a hatchet job,’ he retorted, “On me!”

Then he learn one other line: “January 7, 2021 – President Trump needs to be removed from office. As soon as possible… through new emergency articles of impeachment, which would have the additional benefit of barring him from ever running for the presidency again.”

“Removed from office?!” he spat. “Barred from ever running for president again?!”

Then he threw down the doc and threw me a glance of withering contempt.

“I thought we were friends?’ he shouted. ‘This is so disloyal! After all I’ve done for you? Why would say all this about me?”

“I thought what you did was wrong,” I replied, feeling myself starting to sweat.

This wasn’t going nicely.

It seemed for positive like Trump was about to can the interview, which might have been an enormous waste of money and time for me and our staff and go away me an much more large gap for the primary present.

I used to be desperately pondering of some solution to salvage issues.

“I don’t intend our interview to be confrontational,” I mentioned. “A lot of time has passed since I said those things, and a lot has happened in the meantime.”

“Why should I do it at all?” he scoffed. “You’re not real. You’re a fake.”

“No, I’m just brutally honest.”


“You didn’t make me your Celebrity Apprentice because I’m a shrinking violet who sits on the fence or doesn’t say what he really thinks.”

We stared at one another for a number of seconds, his eyes boring into mine with all the heat of an Arctic glacier.

It was time to alter the temper music.

“I’d love to talk about your recent golf hole-in-one,” I stammered. “Your playing partner Ernie Els was raving about it.”

Trump sat bolt upright.

“He was? Where?”

“In a newspaper interview I read. He said it was a brilliant shot and you played really well.”

“I did, I did.”

“Was that your first hole-in-one?”

“No! I’ve had seven!”


This declare appeared extremely implausible (I’m a eager golfer and solely had one. Most amateurs haven’t even had that.) however this wasn’t a very good second to fact-check him about his sporting prowess.

“Amazing,” I replied. “Congrats!”

All of the sudden, Trump clapped his fingers.

“OK, I guess I’ll still do the interview. I don’t know why, honestly, but I’ll see you down there.”

‘Very annoyed’

My extraordinarily fractious viewers was over, and I felt an enormous wave of aid as I headed again to my staff.

“How was he?” requested my Govt Producer, Winnie Dunbar-Nelson who’d flown from London to supervise the interview.

“He’s very annoyed,” I mentioned, “more annoyed than I’ve ever seen him. Spitting blood, in fact. But he’s going to do it.”

Ten minutes later, President Trump arrived within the interview room, and acted like nothing had occurred as we posed for smiling images collectively.

He was even attraction personified to Winnie, who he remembered from three earlier presidential interviews we’d taped for my previous present, Good Morning Britain, in Davos, on board Air Power One and contained in the Churchill Struggle Rooms.

However I may sense he was nonetheless very wound up, and there was not one of the typical bonhomie between us that I used to be used to in our many earlier encounters.

I’d been promised 20 minutes and feared he would lower that all the way down to punish me.

However ultimately, I obtained 75 minutes, by far the longest time I’d ever had with him on digicam, and it was a captivating, typically riveting, and typically hilarious collection of exchanges with arguably the world’s most well-known individual as we talked about the whole lot from Ukraine, Putin, Kim Jong-Un and nuclear weapons, to the Royals, transgender athletes, Twitter and Joe Biden.

For the primary hour or so, it was a wonderfully regular interview, and we even shared a number of laughs.

Trump displayed the extraordinarily forthright type and brash humour which first propelled him into the White Home, and definitely confirmed no signal of dropping any of his fabled vitality.

I additionally agreed with him about a variety of points, as I’ve accomplished up to now.

I’ve by no means been tribal or partisan about Trump – of the 100 or so columns I wrote about him throughout his presidency, round half have been constructive, half destructive.

However issues took a dramatic downward flip after I lastly introduced up his refusal to just accept defeat in 2020 and the appalling scenes on January 6.

I instructed him I consider he misplaced the supposedly “rigged, stolen” election, I repeatedly identified his failure to provide any proof of the widespread voter fraud he insists occurred to rob him of his presidency, and I blamed his refusal to confess defeat for the lethal riots on the Capitol.

“Then you’re a fool!” he sneered. “And you haven’t studied!”

He was again to the livid Trump he’d been in his workplace and branded me a idiot six extra occasions, in between calling Senate minority chief Mitch McConnell “stupid”, and his former vice-president Mike Pence “foolish and weak.”

Our collective crime was that none of us agree he had the election stolen.

Now abandoning any pretence at cordiality, Trump ranted that he was much more sincere than me, and once more sneered that I wasn’t ‘real’ earlier than haranguing me for exceeding our 20 minutes which was significantly disingenuous given that in all our earlier interviews, he’d invariably determined precisely how lengthy he wished to maintain speaking.

As he bellowed insults at me for disbelieving his rigged election bulls**t, it jogged my memory of the scene in A Few Good Males the place Jack Nicholson’s conceited deluded Colonel Jessup calls Tom Cruise’s navy lawyer Lt.

Kaffee a “snotty little b*stard” for grilling him about ordering a lethal Code Purple punishment on a marine.

“I want the truth,” calls for Kaffee.

“You can’t handle the truth!” roars a contemptuous Jessup, earlier than dropping his rag, lecturing Kaffee about loyalty and honour, after which lastly admitting his culpability.

I don’t count on Trump to ever admit he misplaced the election pretty or confess to being chargeable for the January 6 carnage.

We’ll by no means hear him say “You’re goddam right I did!” like Col. Jessup as a result of mockingly, he can’t deal with the reality.

‘Turn the cameras off’

Incensed Trump tried to finish issues by declaring “That’s it!” earlier than I reminded him that we hadn’t mentioned his hole-in-one, which he then sat down once more and did – briefly – earlier than abruptly leaping to his ft, trying hateful, and barking on the shocked crew: “Turn the cameras off!”

Then he turned on his heels, and sloped angrily off via a aspect door, loudly muttering “So dishonest…”

It wasn’t a rhetorical commentary.

Apparently, he was later heard denouncing me as “scumbag” and saying he wished he’d by no means accomplished the interview.

However I believed it was the most effective one we’ve ever accomplished collectively, and all the stress created by the damning doc he was given gave it a crackle and vitality that makes for compelling tv.

As for who despatched him the doc within the first place, Trump instructed me it got here from London and gave it to me to “keep as souvenir of your treachery.”

Mysteriously, it comprises two random, very constructive comparative quotes from British politician Nigel Farage who now works as a presenter for my rival UK community GB Information.

Oh, and by a unprecedented coincidence, Farage occurred to have dinner with Trump at Mar-a-Lago on April 8, simply three days earlier than I used to be there.

You don’t should be a rigged election conspiracy theorist to work out who in all probability despatched it.

The subsequent day, I despatched Trump an e mail thanking him for his time and included these phrases: “You had every right to get annoyed and call me a fool for not believing the election was stolen from you, but I also have every right to my opinion, and I wasn’t going to lie to your face just to avoid annoying you. The best friends are the most honest/critical ones, not the sycophants.”

As I write this, ten days later, I haven’t had any reply.

Maybe we’ll by no means converse once more, and our friendship is over?

I hope not. Donald Trump stays one of many world’s most attention-grabbing folks, he’s nonetheless the most well-liked Republican alternative for 2024 nominee, and if Biden’s presidency continues to self-implode as badly because it at present it’s, he may up again within the White Home in two years.

Wherein eventuality, I can solely think about his fury if all of us say that election was rigged, and Biden had the presidency stolen from him.

– Piers Morgan

This text was printed by The Solar and reproduced with permission.

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