Kyle Sandilands Fresh and Fit interview: Aussie goes viral in America

“So f**king what, clown?!” And with that, Kyle Sandilands has gained a swarm of American followers after his almighty blow-up at a controversial visitor.

America, meet Kyle Sandilands.

The 50-year-old radio shock jock has discovered himself a flurry of US followers after he launched an almighty rant at one in all his company on his KIIS FM present on Friday.

Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson chatted to the hosts of the US’ Fresh and Fit podcast – which claims to be the “world’s No. 1 men’s podcast” – during which co-host Myron Gaines made a wild assertion about how males needs to be allowed to cheat in relationships.

“Women want attention, men want sex, so my thing is men are capable of having sex with other women while still loving his girl the same,” Gaines claimed.

The assertion prompted a bewildered Jackie to query, “You’re actually saying that in a relationship it’s OK for men to go and explore other options but we have to be happy with you and not explore options?”

Gaines’ response?: “Absolutely. Closed on your end, open on my end.”

By this level Sandilands had heard sufficient, dubbing Gaines a “clown” earlier than kicking him off-air.

“That’s crazy. You can’t just go throwing that thing around …” Sandilands started, earlier than Gaines demanded, “Let me finish!”

Sandilands mentioned: “I’m sick of you asking to finish your long, boring answers that are the same answer every time we ask you a question.”

“But you guys asked me to come on your show?” Gaines questioned.

“So f**king what, clown!?” Sandilands fired again, prompting suits of laughter from Jackie. “Here you are on the show, I can turn you off as well! Turn these clowns off, see ya fellas! Come back when you’re 30 and not being led around by your d**ks,” Sandilands added.

Social media response has since erupted abroad over Sandilands’ meltdown, with dozens of customers referring to him as “Aussie Santa” and “Colonel Sanders.”

Earlier within the interview, Gaines, who has 40,000 Instagram followers, mentioned ladies posting attractive pictures on Instagram was a type of dishonest.

“If I am going to commit to you, give you a marriage, give you a title, give you a ring, give you children – I expect a certain type of woman,” Gaines mentioned.

“You might not like it, it might hurt your feelings, you might say ‘I’m not a piece of property’ or whatever,” Gaines added, “But with all due respect, f**k your feelings.”

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