Namibia: Faizel MC Is Back Home

AFTER almost 10 years of living outside the country, well-known Afro-pop muso Faizel MC, also known as King Moto, is back in the Land of the Brave.

He’s been living in Berlin with his family, having last set foot on Namibian soil two years ago.

This time, he’s been back for two weeks, he says, to officially and personally introduce his new song ‘Banjuka’ to the public.

The song was officially released two months ago and is now playing on YouTube. Trace Africa also featured ‘Banjuka’ on some of its branches such as Trace Mziki, Trace Naija and Trace Congo.

“Namibia has always been so cool to me. I am happy to see some old faces again. I’ve also met some new kids on the block. They are very energetic and promising. I have many ideas to help to get them far,” he says.

The artist is open to working with anyone who wants to expand their music into the European market, he says, although he has no plans to make music while here.

“The public should not expect anything from me while here, because I am just meeting old friends, making new friends, connecting and business networking. The public will hear from me when the Covid-19 pandemic cools off,” he says.

“For now, I’m just enjoying my ‘Banjuka’ jam with my fans.”

Faizel MC describes his newest track as a laid-back urban styled song that is very catchy.

“In the song I am letting the people know that it is just about fun times, no matter what we’ve all been going through. Despite the Covid crisis, I wanted to urge people to just let loose and be free,” he says of his comeback song.