Namibia: Ndakondja Elevates Namibian Fashion

Fashion designer, Maano Ndakondja (24) started in the industry by making and selling hair scrunchies. The money made was used for school donations, contributions and/or her own entertainment.

Now an established designer, Ndakondja caters for all occasions, and tailors and designs under her label ‘Inegnat Wear’.

She tells VIBEZ! that she grew up in a boutique and was inspired by her aunt, who owns a boutique in Ondangwa, where she and two other children were raised.

Ndakondja is the only one from the three who became a fashion designer, and later graduated from the College of the Art, in fashion design.

She describes fashion as something that changes everyday style, saying: “Every day is special on its own, and fashion is an everyday statement. Your outfit explains whether or not you are ready for the day the moment you walk out of the house”.

Ndakondja launched her brand on the 22nd of September 2021 at the College of the Arts, and last Saturday showcased at the Jinel’s Gratitude in Style Fashion Show at Protea Hotel in Windhoek.

One of her clients, Leo Handhome (36), said Ndakondja knows her job perfectly well.

“We have around 10 designs that she made,” he noted.

Jinel Shipanga, who is the owner of Jinels Modelling Agency explained how unique and “crazy” Ndakondja’s garment designs are.

“She makes the type of clothes I would wear; it’s more European and shows how comfortable one is in their own skin,” she said.

Shipanga further described the garments as “amazingly classy” and how it makes one feel like a queen.

However, the fashion enthusiast stressed how the lack of clients at times makes it hard to cover expenses, while some clients are demanding, and in a haste to get their clothing done.

Ndakondja also emphasised the unavailability of fashion designer meetings.

Visit her at: hello_fashion_01/ on Instagram; and jinels_models_namibia/

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