Namibia: Ongava Décor Team Wins House and Garden Awards

Olivine Design, which was an instrumental part of the design philosophy, style and décor of the new Anderssons at Ongava, won the award for Design Excellence at the UK-based 2021 House and Garden Awards.

Founded by Taline Findlater and Victoria Gray in 2012, Olivine Design joined the List in 2018 and is known for its beautifully executed and pattern-rich interiors.

Victoria cut her teeth working for Nina Campbell, while Taline trained as a print and textiles specialist at Wimbledon College of Arts. These professional experiences go hand in hand and have, of course, shaped the pair’s approach to their projects, which can range from a Georgian house in Wiltshire to a game lodge in Namibia.

Their look is layered, colourful and inviting, with comfort at the heart of the design.

“We work closely with clients on building their interiors up into rooms that fit their ideas, and we pay special attention to the detail,” said Victoria.

Two of their recent projects are due to appear in future issues of House & Garden publication. The new Anderssons opened for one season in 2019 and has been closed since lockdown. Ongava was founded on bold ideas – land reclamation and rehabilitation, reintroduction of wildlife, and the creation of a partnership for the future.

Taking a lesson from the wild in the power of symbiotic relationships, Andersson’s at Ongava provides an interactive hub for guests to be a part of conservation science, where cutting edge technology meets hands-on, field-based research. The property, which is integrated with the state-of-the-art Ongava Research Centre, is set to reopen on 1 April 2022.

Olivine Design’s Victoria Gray and Taline Findlater receiving their award.

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