Namibia: Song Night Bids Farewell

After 10 years of nurturing the Namibian sound, Song Night will be coming to end.

The developmental platform concludes its decade long run with a sunset finale at HEC Studios tomorrow, and invites Song Night alumni and the listening public to celebrate a stage that has hosted over a thousand novice and noted singers.

Founded by Lize Ehlers in 2011, Song Night has evolved from an evening of backtracks and cover songs to a slick, online event championing Namibia’s singer-songwriters, accompanied by the Song Night Band.

“Song Night has offered a safe space and emotional support that understands the power of releasing through singing and the power of healing through creating,” says Ehlers.

“It has shown what doors can be opened with original work.”

While the show has gone on despite the pandemic, Song Night as a music agency and platform will be concluding due to a lack of sponsorship but also to re-calibrate.

“We have not received any funding to continue, Covid-19 has crippled the industry and it is our responsibility to re-invent, rethink and come up with a new way forward,” says Ehlers.

“Using a professional band and team costs money. We are ending this format and will be sitting down to re-imagine how we can decentralise, and visit southern, northern, eastern and western towns with workshops supported by one or two band members.

“We have to take a moment to reflect on all the work that has been done and end off a decade with the knowledge that there is so much more to be done.”