Nigeria: AMAAs New Initiative to Empower Young Creatives

The Africa Movie Academy (AMAA) is launching a new initiative that will empower young creatives. Called 100 Film Project, the initiative will tackle unemployment and help creatives produce films that meet international standards.

“To tackle the perennial unemployment many youths are facing, we, at African Film Academy, are committed to creating a platform that gives African creative voices and access to the global market.

“This, we believe can be achieved through partnerships and collaborations with big brands across the continent. Thus, we introduce our 100 Film Project as our next project targeted at the creative industry and also increasing brand value,” said Abiola Durodola, a new member of AMAA and coordinator of the initiative during a press parley to announce activities for the 2021 AMAA.

About 10,000 creatives will be engaged in all the projects which will be created in 18 months and create at least 100,000 jobs for creatives. Also, the initiative will incorporate a three-week Film in A Box training that has been structured by the Africa Film Academy.

To avoid copyright infringement, participants are asked to only provide a three-sentence synopsis of their stories. Those whose stories make the cut will receive support from the Academy as well as work with other industry greats to realise their dreams.

Founder Peace Anyiam-Osigwe, at the parley, added that the project will create sustainable employment and empower young people to “do what they love to do best.”

The initiative will kick off this month and will run for the next two years.