Property industry lobby groups have aggravated the housing problem

The property industry and its army of lobbyists do a great job of bending the Government’s ear. Whether it’s the planning code, apartment standards, or help-to-buy schemes, they campaign vigorously behind the scenes. According to the State’s register of lobbying, the Construction Industry Federation has this year alone made 61 representations to Government. Irish Institutional Property (IIP), whose members include property firm Cairn Homes and Ires Reit (the biggest landlord in the State), has made 18, while the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (Ibec) group Property Industry Ireland (PII) has made four.

These groups have been instrumental in steering Government policy on housing. But not once have their lobbied-for policies provided us with a viable solution to our housing problem. For the most part, they’ve aggravated it.

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