Rains damage paddy in Srikakulam

Srikakulam: Paddy crops are still under water cover in several mandals across the district. Rains started on Thursday in the district in the wake of cyclone and continued till Sunday morning. As a result, paddy crops are being inundated in low-lying areas across the district.

Due to lack of proper maintenance of drainage system, rainwater is not being receded quickly which caused damage to the paddy crops. Paddy crop reached to harvesting stage in all mandals and due to rainfall, it may get discoloured. Paddy crop is being cultivated in an extent of 4,93,000 acres across the district during current kharif season. Paddy is inundated in Srikakulam rural, Amudalavalasa, Gara, Ponduru, Etcherla, Ranastalam, Laveru, Narasannapeta, Polaki, Jalumuru, Sarubujjili, Santhabommali, L N Peta, Burja, Palakonda and other mandals across the district. Paddy crops are under sheet of water for more than three days which is sufficient to get discolour and we will start enumeration of damage from Monday, said joint director for agriculture K Sridhar.

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