Rocky road treats – Colourful bites the kids will love

Put a smile on your little ones’ faces with this rocky road treats recipe. It is creamy, loaded with chocolate flavour with lots of sweet treats on top. Just what every kid loves as a sweet treat.

Preparing these rocky road treats will take only about 15 minutes of your time. Then, pop them into the fridge to set firmly and cut into squares. The best part is that absolutely no cooking or baking is involved to prepare these delightful bites.

This recipe is an excellent one to call the kids to join. They will love preparing their own sweet treats. You will just have to keep an eye if they will have the patience to allow the rocky road treats to stay long enough in the fridge to become firm!

Need some great tips? If you like a nuttier taste, increase the nuts to 100 g. Also, to firmly press the mixture into the pan, use a potato masher. For some extra delight, drizzle your sweet snack with melted chocolate.

Enjoy this ultimate sweet treat recipe from Lancewood.

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