Rwanda, Uganda Still At War – but This Time On Social Media

I was so naïve to think that Uganda’s quietude would enlist some level of calm in the frosty relationship between Uganda and Rwanda.

I was wrong. Otherwise, Rwandan activists are falling over each other on abusing Mr Museveni and even accusing some innocent Ugandans of being anti-Rwanda. Sad!

Forget the debates between Ugandan and Rwandan intellectually disposed government officials that lit the Ugandan media in the aftermath of the famous (infamous) Kisangani Incidents.

I enjoyed a ringside seat (on the Rwandan side) as a quiet observer during the Kisangani Incidents. Up to now, I am still an indifferent and quiet observer of the Ugandan-Rwanda issues. Although I am no expert, I am familiar with the issues of the day. Dear reader, most of the issues in the Uganda-Rwanda frosty relationship are more emotional than rational.

Most of the accusations (and counter accusations) are mere suspicions projected as truths based on actionable intelligence. That is why I was not surprised when a loose mid-level government of Rwanda official placed me among a group of Rwandans he accused of being Anti-Rwanda Doomsayers”.

I just told him he “lacks the strategic depth to engage in state-to-state’ matters”.


I have been following how the Ugandan media has treated the latest episode in the recurring Uganda-Rwanda tiffs. As an indifferent, impersonal and dispassionate observer, my personal observation is that the Ugandan media has acted even-handedly in the current episode. It was a different story during the famous (infamous?) Kisangani Incidents.