Salted chocolate tart – Silky sweet bite with a pinch of salt

Love a sweet treat with a tad of saltiness? This delightful, salted chocolate tart is the perfect dessert for the chocolate connoisseur.

If you are looking for a dessert that is fuss-free, easy and quick to prepare, this salted chocolate tart recipe is just the one for you. The best part is that no baking is involved. After preparing the base, you only need to boil the coconut cream, add chocolate and salt and allow the mixture to cool. Then, pour the cooled chocolate mixture into the base and pop into the fridge for two-and-a-half hours to set. Next, grate some chocolate over and you are all set!

Preparing this salted chocolate dessert will only take about 30 minutes of your time, and the rest of the time the tart spends in the fridge to set. So, if you like chocolate with a dash of salt, this tart is just what you need. Let us know in the comments of this recipe if you have tried this recipe.

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