Serbian tennis star’s visa cancellation quashed, to play in 2022 Australian Open

Victoria Police have pepper sprayed fervent Novak Djokovic supporters who mobbed a car that was exiting the building, home to his legal team, in Melbourne’s CBD.

The black Mercedes emerged from the CBD building’s carpark about 8.45pm. Fans, many in Serbian coloured clothing, mobbed the car as it moved at a snail’s pace down King Street.

The chanting and dancing around the car became more intense and eventually people were dancing on top of the car and banging on its windows.

Around this time, police began moving people away from the front of the car.

Some fans then reacted by shoving officers and verbally abusing them.

Police used O.C spray (capsicum/pepper spray) to move them along.

After the crowd dispersed, a large group of fans confronted police and hurled bottles and verbal abuse at them, causing the police line to fall back.

The commotion was over by 9pm, but many fans and police officers were seen clearing their eyes from the pepper spray.

It’s not clear if the car was actually carrying Djokovic.

He was not in the front seat or the back left seat. The back right window had a shade blocking the view from outside.

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