South Africa: Rotary Regent – Standout Presence and the Evolution of Heritage

Synonymous with the craftsmanship and style, watches have remained popular accessories that continue to generate conversation and respect all over the world.

When exploring the market for high-quality and affordable British designed wristwatches, few brands have the enduring appeal and rich heritage as that of Rotary Watches. With the singular vision to create timeless watches for the modern world, the award-winning brand has nurtured excellence in design since its inception in Switzerland in 1895.

Since the beginning, Rotary has excelled in delivering the highest standard of craftsmanship with a nuanced approach to pricing. Over 125 years later, Rotary’s London-based design studio takes inspiration from the global DNA of the city and injects it into effortless designs that can be passed down from one generation to the next. Indeed, Britain remains a leading icon in the brand’s design ethos. Rotary watch families are named after iconic British locations such as Oxford, Cambridge and Kensington. Each family draws inspiration from their namesake location, further fusing British influence into the brand.

One family which has particularly attracted the attention of buyers seeking for a unique timepiece is the Regent family, a collection of automatic watches. Regent’s trademark design is enigmatic and powerful with…

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