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Angus doesn’t care that he doesn’t have a fancy name such as Luna or Coco. He’s happy enough to be a regular good boy. He does have some pedigree however, as a Staffordshire bull terrier, he’s a card-carrying member of the most popular breed in the ACT for 2021. Charlie, Luna, Bella, Daisy, Coco, Molly, Frankie, Max, Archie and Ruby are the top 10 names, according to end-of-year data from the ACT government. Whatever happened to good old Spot, or Lassie, or Fido? All these fancy names. Of the more than 82,000 dogs currently registered in the ACT, cross breeds are the most common. The top breeds are Staffordshire bull terrier, labrador, Jack russell terrier, border collie, cavoodle, German shepherd, kelpie, Maltese terrier, golden retriever and cattle dog. Angus has been at DAS for just more than five weeks and the one-year-old stray has found a place in the hearts of the volunteer walkers. Acting senior director of DAS Adam Symes says Angus is great with other dogs. “He has a really happy personality,” Symes says. “He loves cuddles and is a favourite with the walkers for his energy and response to commands, as he can respond to ‘sit’ and ‘drop’. “Angus is looking for a new family who can give him a good home and provide him with the love and attention this dog deserves.” Anyone who might be interested in giving Angus a home can go through the dog adoption inbox ( where prospective new owners can book a meet and greet with him. I’m quite sure he won’t even complain if you change his name to Charlie. DAS rehomed 173 dogs to rescue groups this year, 173 to individuals in the community and 38 were transferred to the RSPCA, these dogs requiring special care or pregnant females and puppies. In July the ACT government introduced compulsory annual dog registration to help lost furry friends get reunited with their owners more quickly and strengthen responsible pet ownership. Minister for Transport and City Services Chris Steel says the move has provided vital information. “The annual reminder process ensures we have accurate information about how many dogs live in the ACT and where they are, so we can plan and deliver better local infrastructure like dog parks,” he says. “As an added bonus, we also now have more information than ever before about popular dog names and breeds.” The ACT government also issued tips to ensure the health and safety of dogs over summer. “Being a dog owner brings a lot of joy into our lives, but it also comes with some responsibilities. Being a responsible pet owner means ensuring your dog is happy, healthy and not a safety risk or nuisance to others – during the festive season and right through the year,” Minister Steel said. More information on responsible dog ownership can be found online at


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