The Belarusians fighting in pursuit of their own freedom

Whereas Lukashenko’s navy has not but joined Putin’s in Ukraine, Russian troopers have been primarily based in Belarus since earlier than the warfare started and launched their foremost floor offensive on Kyiv and northern Ukraine from there.

About 200 members of the volunteer battalion are serving on the entrance strains, together with in Irpin on Kyiv’s outskirts, the place Ukrainian forces not too long ago regained management, Kulazhanka and different recruits stated.

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko holds power thanks to support from President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko holds energy because of assist from President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Credit score:AP

They are funded and outfitted largely via donations from the Belarusian and Ukrainian diasporas, together with in the US. However the current induction of the battalion into the armed forces has meant that some obtained weapons and armour, together with some equipped by NATO, from the Ukrainian navy.

These main the recruitment effort say there are 1000’s extra who’ve expressed curiosity, however vetting them and getting tools has created a backlog. Many are dissidents who have been arrested throughout protests in opposition to Lukashenko’s 2020 election win, which they and worldwide observers say was openly stolen.

In March, Vadim Prokopiev, a Belarusian restaurateur who has develop into one of many foremost organisers of Belarusian recruits from round Europe, met 14 of them on the Poland-Ukraine border earlier than guiding them to a coaching web site.


Just a few allowed their faces to be photographed and none agreed to supply their final names, saying that members of the family in Belarus may very well be focused.

“Basically, there are two wings,” Prokopiev stated. “One in Kyiv already, and one in western Ukraine. Over here, we train recruits intensively for two weeks – everything from tactical matters to digital hygiene. Then they move east in small groups and make their way to the front lines.”

Prokopiev stated that out of 1000’s who had expressed curiosity from all around the world, solely 100 or so have been presently within the pipeline. He stated he anticipated extra high-ranking defected officers to affix quickly, however for now most have been untrained recruits.

Whereas most stated they’d no prior fight expertise, some stated they’ve been on the receiving finish of Lukashenko’s brutality, which has imbued them with the spirit of revenge.

“I only spent three nights in prison during the 2020 protests,” stated Aleksandr, 38. “But it was enough to make me leave Belarus. I saw women begging not to be beaten, I saw a guy with long hair get scalped. They put 70 of us in a small cell. It was pure brutality, like we are enslaved people or animals. I’m fighting here because until we overthrow Lukashenko, I can’t go back. Defeating Putin in Ukraine is the first step for both countries’ freedom.”

One of many recruits who crossed the border that day, additionally named Aleks, was a Belarusian passport holder who’s ethnically Russian.

The 61-year-old, the oldest within the group, described himself as a freethinker and a proud Russian who wished to point out Ukrainians that not all Russians supported the warfare – the truth is, there have been some like him who would struggle on their aspect.

“We have to prove that the Soviet mentality cannot last forever,” he stated. “Putin is against goodness, truth and freedom. He has opened old wounds. To heal them, unfortunately, we must fight, and it may take our lives.”

Because the warfare in Ukraine started, Belarusian dissidents have warned that an invasion of Ukraine by Belarus’ navy is imminent. Ukraine’s navy has echoed these warnings and accused Russia and Belarus of staging small-scale assaults on Belarus as pretexts for a Belarusian invasion, although these allegations haven’t been confirmed.

A Belarusian volunteer receives military training in Kyiv. Hundreds of Belarusian emigrants and citizens have arrived in Ukraine to help the Ukrainian army fight against Russia.

A Belarusian volunteer receives navy coaching in Kyiv. A whole bunch of Belarusian emigrants and residents have arrived in Ukraine to assist the Ukrainian military struggle in opposition to Russia.Credit score:AP

“According to my sources in the military, battalions on the Belarusian side of the border are completely prepared for the invasion, they are just waiting for the word go,” stated Pavel Latushko, Belarus’ former tradition minister who defected to Poland a decade in the past and has since organised protests – and now recruitment to Ukraine – from there.

“To me it is obvious why Lukashenko has not said go yet,” Latushko stated. “He is a master at self-preservation, and he knows that invading Ukraine may be the end of him. His soldiers’ morale is zero for this war. They will defect in droves.”

Lukashenko dismissed the battalion as “insane citizens” in a current interview with Belarusian state-run media.

In Ukraine, nonetheless, hopes are excessive amongst Belarusian recruits that if Belarus’ military invaded, its troopers would seize the chance to defect – and their battalion was able to welcome them.

“We are already envisaging how to get Belarusian troops to defect into our ranks,” stated Sergey Bulba, who together with Prokopiev, leads recruitment and coaching efforts for Belarusians in Ukraine.

“Many soldiers in the army already know in their hearts that the destinies of Belarus and Ukraine are bound to each other. As soon as they leave Belarus’s propaganda bubble, they will know what they have to do.”

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