Woman undergoes surgery to remove axe from her head [PICS]

A woman in India is currently recovering after undergoing a four-hour operation to remove an axe that got stuck in her head, New York Post reports.

According to the publication, 36-year-old Rekha Dangi was attacked by unknown assailants last week. Dangi, who’s from the community of Vidisha in central Madhya Pradesh, was brought into the Narmada Trauma Center in Bhopal. At the time of the attack, she and her family were at their local temple.

The axe could not be removed until she got onto the operating table, out of fear she could suffer a hemmorhage, which could be fatal. A group of 10 doctors attended to Dangi, including a neurosurgeon, traumatologist, vascular surgeon and plastic surgeon.

The New York Post reports that the doctors’ first priority was to mend a damaged meningeal artery, one of the brain’s major blood circulatory pathways, then remove a clot that had formed in the ruptured vein.

The axe was then removed and Dangi continued her recovery in intensive care.

There’s no word on the perpetrators behind Dangi’s attack or whether local police are investigating. This is incident is sadly not an isolated one. Both physical and sexual violence against women in India is believed to be at its worst. A survey by the Thomson Reuters Foundation shows that India is also the most dangerous country in the world for cultural traditions that impact women, citing acid attacks, female genital mutilation, child marriage, and physical abuse.

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